It Rolls in from the Sea

to me


reasons to watch this:

1. the music in the background is Matchbox Twenty
2. Lane and I are being total dweebs
3. who doesn’t love one-minute-long video montages

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Anonymous said: Do you want girl butt


From an old voicemail.


Ask me a questions, guys! It’s anonymous and I’m soooo bored!

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Happy to Blunder Through

by Nadine Worley

Tentatively stepping into the forest of our 
conversation, I find myself walking along a 
trail of timid pauses. 

Awkward leaves of laughter fall, making it 
harder to see the destination ahead.

But that’s just fine.

I prefer these feral surroundings to the standard
procedure of communication that is done in the 
sterile, trite conditions of commonplace exchange.

We need not be perfectly polite, politically correct, 
or ever so cordial.

Our dialogue, though not graceful, is filled with much 
more sincerity. 

I will take that above mediocrity any day.


by Nadine Worley

I will not answer the cry of the hawk
As not to barge in on its lively conversation
With the pine